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Weekly menu prepared for you/and your family based on your personal preferences. Before the service begins, a short meeting will happen where we can get to know each other and what you like an do not like. After the meeting, a customized menu will be created, and once a set cooking date is arranged, will take place in your kitchen when convenient for you. You will not have to worry about anything else after that! On the arranged cooking date, your meals will be prepared and packaged, and appropriate heating instructions will be provided.

*pricing starts at $350 per session plus the cost of groceries.


If you are looking for someone who EXCLUSIVELY cooks for you and your family on a regular basis, and you don't want to worry about scheduling issues or conflicts, a private chef is what you may be looking for. This service is provided for individuals that want consistent scheduling during a certain time or season to ensure that all meals are taken care of during a certain time period/ time frame. This service includes initial client consultation, constant menu planning, all grocery shopping, meal preparation, plating and clean up.

*pricing starts at $450 per day plus the cost of groceries


All dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated. However, some may take more time planning and preparing, therefore please inquire about pricing if you may be interested in these services.


Instead of stressing over what you are cooking your next dinner party, let me plan and worry about what is going on the table. Relax and enjoy the company of your guests, instead of slaving over the stove or worrying if you overcooked the roast. I will create a unique culinary experience for you and your guests, and will make sure that you all have splendid evening full of wonderful food.

*pricing starts at $500 plus cost of groceries/supplies (estimate is for a standard 4 person, 3 course dinner)

** Please contact amber today to get an estimate on your special dinner!


If you are hosting a small gathering or party in your home and are not sure what appetizers or finger foods that you may serving, please let me come up with a small appetizer menu that suits the needs of all of your guests. A party isn't really a party without food!

*pricing starts at $600 (groceries not included)


"People who love to eat are always the best people"

Julia child