Chef Amber Bailey

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photo by:  angela pettigrew


  Amber Bailey’s heart beats to the language of food. Even as a child who was choosy about her food preferences, she always dreamed of becoming a chef and, like many of us, her palette has evolved over time. During her teenage years, Amber’s concept of culinary delight revolved around macaroni and cheese or pizza; however, a special engagement during her formidable years transcended her taste buds and put her on a path toward both purveyor and creator of delicious foods – macaroni and cheese was still an option, but only when made with a custom Gruyere and nutmeg blend with homemade breadcrumbs on top! After attending culinary school at Valencia College, where she learned the basics and fundamentals of cooking, she chose to extend her knowledge and impact by obtaining a Bachelor of Nutritional Science from Kaplan University in Orlando, Florida. This combination of culinary creativity and commitment to nutritional wellness align to make Amber a truly knowledgeable and passionate chef.

        After seven years of cooking experience, Amber decided to become a personal chef and started cooking for many different types of people in Orlando, Florida. in may of 2014, amber decided to take her talents to a bigger city, and landed in new York. As your personal chef, Amber’s mission is to use her zeal for delectable, organic, and locally obtained ingredients -- as well as her passion for nutrition -- to guide you and your family toward food choices that are both delicious and health conscious. In addition, Amber is fully trained and committed to meeting your individual needs and culinary expectations. Whether your tastes are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even just exotic and unique, Amber is prepared to use her knowledge and skill to prepare you a sumptuous and unforgettable meal. Contact Amber today to setup a consultation and to learn how her vivacious personality and zest for creating the perfect dish can help you and your family achieve and maintain a happy, healthy, and more fulfilling lifestyle.


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